Kaspersky Bows 2010 Security SW

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Kaspersky Labs debuted the 2010 version of its Internet security software suite last week.

The latest version features protection from malware attacks coming in through social-networking sites, said Peter Beardmore, Kaspersky's senior product marketing manager.

“Ground zero [for attacks] are social-networking sites because attacks there are 10 times more successful than the older methods,” he said, adding more attacks are coming through legitimate Web sites and through third-party software.

Kaspersky's Internet Security Suite 2009 and Anti-Virus 2009 are available immediately at Kaspersky's online store for $79.95 and $59.95, respectively.

The software's primary defense against malicious attacks is its “safe run mode.” This opens an application, such as Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader, in what Beardmore described as a walled garden. This keeps everything associated with the application segregated from the system and the PC safe.


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