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JVC Outlines iPhone 5 Compatibility In Current Head Units

Long Beach, Calif. – JVC conducted tests showing that the company’s current aftermarket head units with Apple-certified USB ports stream music stored on the iPhone 5 and new iPod touch and nano via Apple’s supplied Lightning-to-USB cable.

The head units also continue to control the portable devices’ song selection and display their album art, said marketing GM Chad Vogelsong.

App Mode continues to work as usual in current head units with that feature, enabling the head units to control select iPhone 5 music-streaming apps, play back their music, and display album art, Vogelsong said. Current head units with stereo Bluetooth also maintain Bluetooth functionality when used with the iPhone 5, he added.

In Japan, the company will conduct tests on previous-generation head units, which have been using front-panel Apple-certified USB inputs since 2009.

Like other-brand head units with analog-video inputs, any JVC head unit with analog-video inputs won’t display video stored on the iPhone 5 and new iPod touch, Vogelsong said. That’s because the phone and new touch no longer output analog video; they output digital video.

Because the Apple devices send out digital video, JVC’s App Link Mode in select head units also doesn’t work. That mode displays the user interfaces of select compatible apps on the iPhone 5, including navigation apps.

JVC and other suppliers will be working on a solution for the video issue, he said.

Though the iPhone 5 has its issues, Vogelsong said he believes the core car audio demographic of 16- to 24-year-olds will be opting in large numbers fore the iPhone 4S, now at $99, and the iPhone 4, 2which is now free. Those models will function normally with the company’s 2009-2012 head units, he said.