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Jasco Adds ‘Smart” Converter Box

Oklahoma City — Jasco today announced the next generation of its GE-brand digital converter box, which includes an interface for a “smart” antenna that automatically seeks and locks in the strongest over-the-air TV signal available.

The company said compared with the previous model, the box delivers enhanced picture quality, a faster channel scroll and a reduced initial scan time.

The box works with existing outdoor or rabbit-ear antennas.

The box meets federal standards for the TV Converter Box Coupon Program.

It also includes Dolby Digital support, a television program guide, parental controls, sleep timer, selectable picture output, closed captioning support and multi-language on-screen display.

A full-feature remote with new larger buttons is included. The unit comes with online and call-in customer support service.

“Jasco is pleased with the next-generation GE smart digital converter box and the advanced features it has to offer,” said Cameron Trice, Jasco’s marketing and product senior VP of development. “Jasco has played a major role in the digital transition and we are excited to continue to provide consumers with cost-effective solutions.”

The GE smart digital converter box (model 23333) has a suggested retail of $69.99.