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iSimple Adds Bluetooth Headset Kit

Clearwater, Fla. – AAMP of America has rolled out its first
iSimple brand Bluetooth headset.

The new iSimple HedFX ISHP3502 is a Bluetooth stereo headset kit
with A2DP audio streaming and hands-free calling capabilities, as well as
interchangeable sound isolating earpieces.

The main component of the kit is a black module that clips onto a
user’s collar or clothing and sports a multifunction interface, an OLED display
screen, a windproof microphone and a 3.5mm audio jack. All Bluetooth features,
including pairing, call placing, answering and redial, voice dialing, volume
control and microphone muting are managed via click controls to the three
multifunction interface buttons.

The multifunction interface also supports play previous/play
next, pause and volume control for most MP3 players and Bluetooth smartphones.

The kit also includes a set of pro performance earbuds and a five
interchangeable sound isolating earpieces (three sizes of memory foam, one
uni-size double seal and one uni-size triple seal) that can be easily swapped
out based on user preference and desired sound quality.

The headset kit has a suggested retail proce of $89.95.

According to Scott Rothstein, senior product manager, “iSimple
has made a name for itself by offering cool, high-technology products that help
people get the most from their portable devices. The HedFX Bluetooth headset
follows in that tradition and we see this as being a product that will be
incredibly popular with consumers and retailers alike.”

The iSimple product line includes in-car integration kits and fm
modulators for MP3 players and smartphones, docking stations, headphones,
battery chargers, among other products.

More information on the iSimple line is available on

the company’s website