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IOGear Intros ‘First’ Automatic HDMI Switch

Irvine, Calif. — IOGear introduced what the company is hailing as the first true automatic HDMI switch.

IOGear’s HDMI 2×1 automatic switch (HDAS) is the only product on the market that senses which HDMI product is currently in use, with the company’s patented HDAS technology, and instantly locks and transfers the appropriate audio and video content to the connected HD display, said the company in a release. It also reportedly eliminates having to plug and unplug HDMI cables between home entertainment equipment in order to connect to an HDTV that does not have enough input ports.

The HDAS provides two input ports that transfer fully-uncompressed digital video and audio to an HDMI display through a single output.

“Our new HDMI 2×1 Automatic Switch eliminates frustrations associated with having to continuously plug and unplug devices. Additionally, it is the only true automatic switch available that intuitively detects which source is active and delivers the audio and video content completely in sync with almost no latency,” said Miranda Su, sales and marketing VP at IOGear.

The product is HDCP compliant and supports 1,080p resolution. LEDs on the front panel indicate the HDMI device that is currently in use. It has a $169 suggested retail and is currently available.