Intel Chip Share At 80%

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El Segundo, Calif. - Advanced Micro Designs (AMD) scratched out a slight market share gain in the fourth quarter of 2009 against its larger rival Intel, according to iSuppli.

AMD gained 1.6 percent share compared with the fourth quarter of 2008, grabbing 1 percent from industry leader Intel and the remaining 0.6 percent from other processor vendors for a total of 12.1 percent of the market. Intel had 80.6 percent, with the remaining being split between the smaller processor vendors.

"For the full year of 2009, the market share situation was somewhat more balanced with AMD and Intel picking up two-tenths and three-tenths of a percent of share, respectively, in 2009 compared to 2008," said Matthew Wilkins, iSuppli's principal analyst for computer platforms. "This is an interesting development because PC Average Selling Prices (ASPs) dropped significantly during the course of 2009 -- especially for notebooks. So, the fact that AMD and Intel virtually maintained their market share at the annual level shows that neither supplier was overly punished by the dropping ASPs. It also indicates that neither was able to capitalize on the situation very effectively."


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