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Intel Adds Draft 11n To Centrino Duo

Santa Clara, Calif. — Intel may have helped jump-start the adoption of pre-draft 802.11n Wi-Fi by computer vendors by including the technology in its upcoming Centrino Duo mobile chipsets.

Intel has decided to roll out its Next-Gen Wireless n network connection ahead of the specification being set by the IEEE and even Wi-Fi Alliances certification program. The IEEE is not expected to finalize the spec until next year, while the Wi-Fi Alliance was expected to certify the wireless technology this summer.

Instead, Intel performed its own compliance checks with access point vendors like Asus, Belkin, D-Link and Buffalo. Certified products from these companies will feature a “Connect With Centrino” logo on their packaging indicating to consumers that they can set up an 11n network using their access point and a Next-Gen Wireless n-equipped notebook, Intel said.

802.11n can deliver up to five times the data throughput of 802.11g networks at farther distances and reduce the number of dead spots in a home.

The new chipset will be included in Centrino Duo equipped notebooks starting in late January.