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Integra Adds Multiple Technologies In Broad Launch

CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta
— In unveiling four new AVRs and two preamp processors, Integra is expanding
its selection of audio electronics components equipped with PC networking,
Internet radio, Dolby ProLogic IIz, Audyssey MultEQ XT, and embedded Imaging
Science Foundation Certified Calibration Control (ISFccc) protocols.

The launches also include the brand’s
first electronics components with Audyssey DSX and the brand’s first two
9.2-channel AVRs.

The four new AVRs are the $1,000-suggested 7×100-watt DTR-40.1, $1,400 7×130-watt DTR-50.1, $2,000 9×140-watt
9.2-channel DTR-70.1, and $2,800 9×145-watt 9.2-channel DTR-80.1. They join the
recently announced $600 DRT-20.1 and $800 DTR-30.1 AVRs. Rounding out the
complete fall lineup are the two new preamp-processors, the $1,200 DHC-40.1 and $2,300 9.2-channel DHC-80.1.

Some of the new components models are shipping, and others are
due in October. The brand is sold only through custom installers and systems

The $1,000 and $1,400 AVRs are THX
Select II Plus-certified, and the other AVRs and both preamp/processors are THX Ultra II Plus-certified.

All of the new AVRs and preamp/processors feature Dolby ProLogic
IIz, which delivers front-height channels, and Audyssey DSX, which delivers two
front-height and two front-wide channels. Dolby Pro Logic appeared in the Integra
lineup for the first time earlier this year in the $800 DTR-30.1 AVR.

All of the new AVRs and preamp/processors are compatible with
Windows 7 and are DLNA Version 1.5-certified by the Digital Living Network
Alliance. All AVRs and preamp/processors also feature Audyssey room correction,
Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, decoding of all DolbyTrueHD and
DTS HD Master Audio, and 1080p upscaling of all video sources.

All AVRs and preamp/processors stream music from a networked PC
and, via a broadband modem, access Internet radio stations and select Internet
music services. Internet stations are accessed through the vTuner portal.
Accessible Internet music services are Pandora, Rhapsody, and Sirius Internet
Radio services.

In the brand’s previous lineup, only one Integra component, a
preamp/processor, featured PC networking and Internet radio. That model
accessed the vTuner portal and Sirius Internet Radio.

Among the new AVRs, features that start at the $1,000 level
include powered second- and third-zone audio. At the $1,400 level, Integra adds
dual HDMI outputs, second-zone component video, and Imaging Science
Foundation’s Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc) video-calibration

The on-board video calibration makes it possible to individually
optimize video signals for each video source connected to an AVR or preamp-processor even if the AVR or preamp/processor is connected to a video
display via a single HDMI cable. With ISFccc calibration, installers create day
and night settings for each individual video as well as a third custom setting
that consumers can turn on.

Moving video-calibration technology from a TV to audio components
lets installers separately calibrate each video source without having to run a
cable from each video source to the calibrating TV, then run audio cables from
each video source to the AVR or

In Integra’s previous lineup, only two AVRs and one
preamp/processor featured ISFccc calibration.

At the $2,000 level in AVRs, Integra adds Dolby Volume, 1080p
upscaling via the step-up HQV Reon-VX processor, and step-up Audyssey MultEQ XT
room-correction technology. In contrast, the two lower priced AVRs feature
Audyssey MultEQ room-correction technology and Faroudja DCDi 1080p upscaling.

At $2,800 AVR level,
Integra adds powered fourth-zone audio and eight HDMI inputs versus six HGDMI
inputs in the $1,000 model and seven in the $1,400 and $2,000 models.

Among the two new preamp/processors, both feature ISFccc video
calibration, Dolby ProLogic IIz, Audyssey DSX, Audyssey Dynamic Volume and
Dynamic EQ, and two HDMI outputs. Other features in the $1,200 model include
Faroudja DCDi 1080p upscaling, Audyssey MultEQ room correction, and seven HDMI
inputs. The $2,300 models features step-up HQV Reon-VX 1080p upscaling, step-up
Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction, and eight HDMI inputs. The $2,300 model
also adds Dolby Volume, second-zone component video, and eight HDMI inputs compared
to the other models seven HDMI inputs.