Imaging Repair Outfit Finishes Transitions

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Enfield, Conn. - Digital imaging products repair resource

Precision Camera & Video Repair

said it has revamped and transitioned its headquarters operations here and in other parts of North America to better fit the demands of customers in the sustained economic downturn.

"The recession had a major financial impact on our customers, who are comprised of many of the large CE retailers and all of digital camera manufacturers," stated David Marsh, Precision Camera sales and marketing VP. "Precision Camera adapted to their needs by expanding and providing cost effective service solutions."

The company said it has implemented a number of changes in its service strategies and offerings, including increasing repair capacity in some facilities and changing the allocation of product based on capabilities in others.

Repair offerings for digital imaging devices have increased in size and scope, while pricing has been adapted to reflect lower pricing structures for digital cameras over the last few years.

"Due to the competitive nature of our business we cannot be specific on employee counts but we still have a large number of people employed on the Enfield Campus. We have also transitioned a great number of people to our Southwest facilities.

"The company helped with the relocation and virtually all have stayed with the company," the statement continued. "Every employee was given the opportunity to work at our Southwest facilities over the last year."

The changes will enable higher volume capabilities for product refurbishment and the rapid exchange business model, the company said.

"This business is well-suited for our Southwest facilities, which have been in operation for the last three to four years, the company said.

"Our Enfield, Conn., facilities remain well-suited for the break/fix depot repair business model which works well with high-price-point products such as professional d-SLRs, professional lenses and video camcorders. We have technicians, operators, parts inventory personnel, repair support, project management, customer service, program management, finance, information technology, human resources and shipping personnel all in Enfield to support these products as well as all of our facilities," according to a company statement.

Key executives will remain in the Enfield office, the company said.

Two large facilities now handle much of the repair work for portions of North and Central America and are located in El Paso, Texas, and Chihuahua, Mexico.

The Mexican facility was set up to handle the expansion of international business in Mexico and Central America, while the El Paso area facilities are strategically located to handle the Western U.S. logistics and service operations, the company said.

"Our plan to optimize all of our facilities began about one year ago, and we are now at the end point of the plan," Marsh said. "Our Enfield, Conn., facility is functioning in three buildings and remains our center of excellence, with our technicians and operations functions working out of our buildings 1 and 9. Building 7 houses our customer contact center, finance, IT and our HR staff."


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