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Imaging Industry Bowed But Undaunted

New York – If Bob Dylan was an imaging technology analyst, he might be penning market forecasts today that sound something like: “Oh mama. Can this really be the end? To be stuck beside a mobile with the imaging blues again.”

Indeed, the once-propitious U.S. digital camera industry has fallen on increasingly difficult times over the last several years.

But the combined effects of sustained economic trepidation among consumers and relentless improvements in digital photo taking quality and flexibility from the highly popular smartphone and tablet categories has not deterred a sanguine outlook for dedicated cameras among the top U.S. camera marketing executives.

This year, most executives have conceded a bulk of the low-end point- and-shoot business to their mobile device challengers, in favor of playing up the superior image quality afforded by more advanced dedicated cameras with greater low-light sensitivity, long-zoom portrait framing flexibility and WiFi connectivity. The hope is to maintain respectable dollar growth in key segments heading into the critical holiday selling season.

TWICE convened a virtual roundtable of some of the industry’s key U.S. sales and marketing executives for insight on where the business is headed in the second half and beyond.

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Imaging Industry Bowed But Undaunted

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