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HTSA Confirms Blu-ray Support

Chester Springs, Pa. — Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), the $500 million buying group for A/V specialty dealers and installers, has formally confirmed that it is backing Blu-ray Disc technology based on sales trends among its 62 members.

The group announced during the recent CEDIA Expo that it will make Blu-ray its exclusive format choice for high-definition disc players. According to the results of an internal study released today, 92 percent of category sales by HTSA members were in Blu-ray players, with the balance comprised mostly of dual-format players that combine BD and HD-DVD playback capability.

HTSA said it expects its exclusive support of Blu-ray to “strengthen retailer commitment to providing more BD-based devices to meet growing consumer demand.”

“The industry looks to HTSA as an expert for custom home theater, built upon a foundation of the top consumer electronic retailers across the country,” said executive director Richard Glikes. “Based on our member research and observations in the field, it is clear that HTSA customers have made Blu-ray Disc their preferred HD format for movies and other packaged video content.”

Glikes cited greater device capacity, better resolution, larger manufacturer adoption and content availability as deciding factors for consumers in choosing one high-definition disc camp over the other.

In a statement, Jay Vandenbree, president of consumer sales for Sony Electronics, Blu-ray’s chief proponent and developer, lauded HTSA’s move. “At a time when ever-changing technology tests just how much one can know about everything, HTSA has chosen Blu-Ray Disc as the format they support. I think it speaks volumes when support comes from those who specialize in home theater, and are closest to the consumer.”