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HP Updates Envy Printer Line

New York – Hewlett-Packard today released the Envy 120, its second Envy-branded inkjet all-in-one printer.

The Envy 120 follows last year’s Envy 110 as the company’s main effort to create a high-end, stylish printer, copier and scanner, said Ed Newman, HP’s director of future product marketing. HP uses the Envy brand on all its higher-end models across its product portfolio.

The $249 printer’s primary new feature is a see-through glass top. Unlike the previous version and standard copier/scanners, the document being scanned is placed face up on the scanning bed, and the scanner bar shoots the light down onto the document, Newman said.

The 120 has an improved industrial design making it appear more like a stereo component, Newman said, which should make it appealing to its target audience of tech savvy, earlier adopters.

Other features included a fold-out control panel holding a 4.3-inch LCD. When it is opened, it activates the motorized paper tray that swings out to support the documents being printed. The USB and card slots also fold down from the front, and the USB port can be used to charge USB-connected devices.

The 120’s LCD panel allows access to HP’s mobile printing apps so users can directly print from smartphones and tablets.

Basic specifications are print speeds of seven pages per minute for text, 4ppm for color. Resolution is 1,200dpi.

The 120 is selling through Staples and Best Buy.