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HP Unveils PIII 800MHz-Powered PC

Hewlett-Packard today introduced four new Pavilion desktop PCs, including the 9690c, which sports the just-introduced Intel Pentium III 800MHz processor.

The Pavilions feature prices ranging from $699 to $2,499 and translucent mini-tower cases. The high-end 9690c and 9680c both have cobalt-blue mini-tower cases. Their respective suggested retail prices are $2,499 and $1,980.

In addition to the new processor, the 9690c has a 40GB hard drive, CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives, 128MB of SDRAM, 128K of primary cache, 512K of L2 cache, a 1.5MB DSL modem, 56-Kbps modem, 10/100 Base-T network card, 16MB of video SGRAM, and front-mounted USB ports.

The 9680c swaps in an Intel Pentium III 650MHz processor and only offers 32K of primary cache.

The entry-level 6640c and 6630c have titanium-gray micro-tower cases and suggested retail prices of $849 and $699, respectively.

The former model features an AMD K6-2 500MHz processor, 15GB hard drive, CD-RW drive, 64MB of SDRAM, 56-Kbps modem and USB ports, while the 6630 replaces the AMD processor with an Intel Celeron 500MHz chip. Other changes include a 10.2GB hard drive and a 40x CD-ROM drive, and it lacks USB ports.