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Home Theater For Cellphones, PMPs

Rochester, N.Y. — Icuiti, a maker of wearable video displays for military and consumer markets, has begun marketing its DV920 Video Eyewear at retail in the United States. for the first time through the Sharper Image.

At $549 through Sharper Image’s Web site, catalog and select retail locations, the DV920 is designed for use with portable DVD players, portable media players and a limited number of cellphones with video outputs. They’re worn like a pair of sunglasses but incorporate stereo headphones and a pair of 0.44-inch active-matrix color LCD displays with VGA resolution.

Icuiti also plans volume fourth-quarter shipments of cellphone-specific versions, the CP230 and CP920 Video, to enhance video viewing on a cellphone. The CP920 features two VGA LCD panels, each with 640 by 480 resolution and a 26-degree field of view. The CP230 has two QVGA panels with 320 by 240 resolution and a 24-degree field of view. They plug into a cellphone’s A/V port without the need for an external controller or bulky battery attachments, as is the case with the 920. They’re expected to retail for less than $299 worldwide and will be sold with adapters for use with the data ports of specific brands and models of phones.

They also offer DRM and handset authentication to ensure that content is protected and only viewed on approved carrier devices.