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HDMI Adds Assoc. Adopter Program

Sunnyvale, Calif. –

HDMI Licensing

which acts as the licening agent the High-Definition Multimedia Interface
(HDMI) Specification, announced Tuesday the creation of a new HDMI Associate
Program, which is a marketing program designed to officially recognize and
support companies selling compliant HDMI products.

Eligible products will bear an HDMI Associate emblem so that
consumers can easily identify licensed products that are fully compliant with
the HDMI specification and are sourced from a licensed HDMI Adopter, the group

“As more and more HDMI-enabled products make their way to the
market, there are more choices available to the consumer,” stated Charlene Wan,
HDMI Licensing marketing and operations director. “But it is not always easy to
know which products have been fully tested and are compliant with the HDMI
specification.  This program is designed
to allow those companies that sell fully compliant products sourced from licensed
Adopters to designate their products as such.”

Although, all HDMI Adopters listed on the

are required to test their products for compliance, in cases where brand-name
companies source products from Adopters, the brand-name companies may not
appear on the HDMI Adopter list.

The HDMI Associate Program addresses this by offering an
Associate Membership to those companies who are not Adopters, but who source
their HDMI-enabled products from a licensed Adopter.

“The HDMI Associate Program makes it easier for consumers to
identify compliant products, a major differentiator for resellers and one of
the key reasons we joined the program,” said Sven Schulz of in-akustik, a major
European cable brand. “We are pleased to be one of the first members of this
new program that recognizes non-Adopter companies whose products are fully
tested and compliant.”

An annual program membership fee of $3,000 entitles the Associate
Member to use the HDMI Associate emblem in marketing and packaging.  Associate Members will also be listed on the

website and have the opportunity to participate in potential
co-marketing opportunities with the HDMI Consortium, including the HDMI
TechZone at CES 2012, industry trade shows, developer conferences, and
worldwide road shows.