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Harman Kardon Product Rollout To Grow


Following the debut of its
BDS series of Blu-ray-equipped home theater systems,
Harman Kardon plans later this year to launch
new A/V receivers with upgraded network capabilities,
expand its BDS series, and offer its first Apple
AirPlay product.

In a couple of months, Harman Kardon will unveil an
AirPlay module that connects to current-generation
A/V receivers and to new AVRs, enabling them to
wirelessly stream music via Wi-Fi from iPod Touches,
iPhones and iPads and from iTunes-equipped
PCs, said Chris Dragon, director of consumer and
field marketing for Harman Consumer Americas.

The brand will also expand the network capabilities
of its AVRs in other ways. Built-in vTuner Internet
radio software, which streams audio from thousands
of Internet radio stations, will trickle down to
mainstream price points, Dragon said. The feature
is currently available in the brand’s $2,500 flagship

The new AVR line will also be the brand’s first with
DLNA certification and ability to stream music from
networked PCs.

Like before, all of the new AVRs connect to the
brand’s iPod/iPhone-docking Bridge, which enables
streaming of audio and video from a docked iPod or

In the fall, Harman Kardon plans to launch BDS
systems with new features. BDS systems consist
of a Blu-ray-equipped A/V receiver packaged with
speakers, and the new models will add 3D Blu-ray
playback, HDMI 1.4a inputs for connection to other
3D-capable video sources, and HDMI audio return

Also in the works is an expanded selection of Harman
Kardon Go+Play tabletop iPod/iPhone docking
speaker systems.

Additional product details and pricing were unavailable.

The two current two BDS systems feature compact
FM- and Blu-ray equipped A/V receivers. One
system, the $999 BDS 400, is packaged with 2.1
speaker system and Dolby Virtual Surround, which
uses two dual-driver speakers to simulate a 5.1
soundfield. The BDS 400 also features compact
subwoofer and 2½-way crossover network to improve
the transition between midrange and highfrequency

The BDS 800 at $1,499 comes with higher power
receiver and 5.1 speaker package whose speakers
also feature dual drivers and 2 ½-way crossover design.

Both systems feature on-screen display, and both
connect to an optional Bridge iPod/iPhone dock.
They also feature front-panel USB port for connecting
MP3 players and USB sticks to play audio. Both
also feature upgradeable firmware.

Harman Kardon also offers the two systems’ receivers
as separate purchases. The BDS 400’s receiver
is $699, and the BDS 800’s receiver is $799.