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Griffin Debuts iTrip Pocket

Nashville, Tenn. — Griffin Technology announced that its iTrip Pocket is now shipping.

The aptly named wireless device enables users to listen to their iPods over the FM radio in their car.

Slightly larger than the dock connector it plugs into, the iTrip Pocket is designed to match the profile of the second-generation iPod nano, though it also works with other dock-connector iPod models, said Griffin. The device broadcasts the audio signal from the user’s iPod to any user-selected FM frequency.

It features three user-definable preset buttons that are meant to make it more convenient to pre-select open FM frequencies and call them back — a useful feature in metropolitan areas with competing radio stations crowding the dial, said the company.

It also features the company’s SmartDisplay Technology that shows frequency information directly on the screen of the user’s iPod, and “switchable stereo/mono modes that ensure a strong, clear signal and clear sound under real-world conditions,” according to the company.

It has a $49.99 suggested retail.