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GoVideo Adds VCR/DVD Recorder

GoVideo said it will ship on Oct. 20 the VR2940 combination DVD recorder/VCR, which incorporates YesDVD technology for quick and easy DVD video productions.

Go Video is calling the VR2940, $349.99 suggested retail price, “the world’s easiest” DVD recorder. The DVD recorder portion of the deck uses either DVD+RW or DVD+R media for recording, and will playback recordings on the following: DVD-RW/-R, DVD Video, Audio CD, and MP3s and JPEGs on CD-R/-RW.

The company has arranged to use YesVideo’s YesDVD technology, which “allows consumers to easily turn digital or analog camcorder footage into DVDs containing onscreen disc menus, intelligently selected chapters with picture thumbnails, and music videos,” the company said. It is the first application of the technology in a DVD recorder/VCR combo product.

The unit is designed to allow consumers to copy VHS tapes to DVD, while automatically creating chapters, music videos and other features.

The VR2940 includes a front-panel IEEE-1394 (DV interface) and analog inputs, enabling easy connection of digital and analog camcorders.

Included is an onscreen menu that prompts users to record to DVD or create a YesDVD using one button.

The YesDVD feature automatically creates up to 54 chapter scenes of the best images from the video source, and adds a disc menu for easy scene access on playback.

A DVD cover with thumbnail images representing each scene can be printed by inserting the finished YesDVD disc into a Windows-based PC. YesDVDs also include music videos created from highlights of the video set to jazz, rock and classical tunes.

Other features in the dual-deck product include an “AutoPlay” feature, which automatically skips ads, trailers and menus at the start of prerecorded DVD movies.

Additionally, GoVideo’s YourDVD feature allows consumers to store setup preferences for quick and optimal DVD playback. The company’s CleanCopy feature improves the quality of VHS tape to DVD transfers, with automatic enhancement of picture and sound quality.

The VR2940’s playback capability features progressive scan output for DVDs playback. In addition, it employs LSI Logic’s DMN8602 DVD recording processor, dubbed the DoMiNoFX solution.

DoMiNoFX provides advanced video processing techniques on VHS source material to deliver a high-quality video signal for DVD recording, playback and archiving. The IC integrates audio and video systems, CPU and graphics onto a single chip, to enable both the YesDVD and DoMiNoFX features.

GoVideo said the deck will be backed by its “White Glove Customer Care” support program, which will provide a free DVD+RW disc in the product package with instructions for a free call to a GoVideo customer service representative for assistance in making their first DVD recording. Phone technicians will also be available to answer any questions.

In other news, GoVideo said it will soon introduce the VR5940 DVD recorder/VCR combo unit, featuring recording capability on both DVD+RW/+R and DVD-RW/-R media. That unit will omit the YesDVD feature.