Givit Gives Flip Users Online Alternative


San Diego -


, an online video-sharing service based here, is giving disenfranchised FlipShare video-service users an opportunity to transfer their libraries to its service before Cisco shuts the door on the video-sharing component of its defunct Flip video cameras on Dec. 31, 2013.

Givit said FlipShare users can instantly transfer their full FlipShare library to Givit for permanent storage and instant sharing with one click.

Givit was created late last year as a subsidiary of vMix, which provides a platform for various businesses to host video on their websites.

Givit was designed for consumers as a video-sharing and storage service. It allows videos to be shared privately, rather than posted on a publicly viewable site like YouTube or Facebook.

The proposal seems to have worked. After Givit first announced its offer to FlipShare customers last week, the service experienced temporary difficulties from a logjam of users trying to make their transfers.


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