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Gefen Shows HT Scaler, Wireless Solutions

Gefen (South Hall 1, booth 22031) will unveil a new home theater scaler that provides format conversion, video switching and high-definition up-conversion.

The company is also showing a range of cable-free solutions for HDMI, component video and audio and USB connections.

The scaler, EXT-HTS ($449 suggested retail) will include inputs and switching for component video and HDMI video sources, and analog and digital audio, Gefen said.

Gefen said the unit was designed to enable easy connection of multiple audio/video sources with different interfaces to any HDMI display. Support is also offered for HD component sources, each with its own optical TOSlink and S/PDIF input.

All input video can be scaled up and down and output in HDMI format with two audio outputs in TOSlink and S/PDIF. High definition imagery from both component and HDMI sources can be tweaked for color, sharpness, contrast and balance while resolutions can be scaled down to 480i and up to 1,080p.

Users can opt to use on or more of the video inputs; the unit will scale and deliver the source that is selected using the unit’s IR remote — essentially performing source switching in addition to scaling capabilities. Sources are switched in seconds.

HDMI audio that accompanies the video is output in the embedded HDMI signal being sent to the display or projector, with mirrored audio through the TOSlink and S/PDIF connectors.

The company will also show wireless and “cable-free” extension solutions for USB, HDMI and HD component video and audio connections.

Each system is slated to ship in the first quarter and replaces cables that traditionally connect sender to receiver with cable-free methods, best suited to the signal’s format.

The Wireless USB Extender ($249 suggested retail) allows any four USB devices to operate with the computer, connected with no cables from up to 60 feet away or 30 feet through a wall. The sender is a small, plug-in dongle connected to the computer’s USB port. It features Wisair Technologies’ ultrawideband wireless capability operating in the 3.5GHz range.

The wireless component audio extender ($1,499 suggested retail) delivers pure HD video and audio up to 200 feet through two walls or 300 feet line of sight. Small sender and receiver units offer support for component video inputs and outputs, delivering HD video in resolutions ranging from 480i to 1,080i.

The wireless HDMI extender ($499) transmits HD video and audio signals from source to receiver from up to 30 feet away line of sight with support for video resolutions up to 1,080i.