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Geek Squad Offering ‘Sex And The City’ Survival Tools

New York — Circuit City’s slogan may have been “We’re with you,” but Geek Squad is putting words into action today for reluctant “Sex And The City” moviegoers.

“Agents” of Best Buy’s service division, stationed at theaters in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, are handing out survival kits to husbands and boyfriends who were dragged to showings of the female-friendly film, based on the hit HBO series.

Handouts include a tip sheet with descriptions of the main characters to aid in discussions over dinner, and suggested excuses for ducking out of the screening (“I promised my mom I’d call her when we got to the theater.”). The packets also include quarters for use at multiplex arcades.

Best Buy also posted a humorous video on YouTube depicting Geek Squad’s efforts “to study up on the ‘Sex And The City’ phenomenon,” a company spokesperson told TWICE. In it, agents on a “reconnaissance” mission accompany fans on a Manhattan bus tour of key locations from the movie.

The promotions support Geek Squad’s tongue-in-cheek, pocket-protector culture, which was designed to help defuse customer anxiety over complex CE and IT purchases.