Gateway, Toshiba Add To Notebook Lineups

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Gateway and Toshiba added to their notebook computer lines last week with the former introducing a gaming model and the latter an “upscale” entry-level unit.

Gateway's high-end M680 Series, with street prices ranging from $1,399 to $2,834, is being geared toward the hot notebook computer gamer market. The models feature a 17-inch screen and wireless networking. They come with a choice of Intel Pentium M processors based on the Intel 915 chipset. Each can be configured to hold 2GB of dual-channel DDR2 memory along with a 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X700 PCI Express graphics card. A variety of hard drives are available along with a dual-format, double-layer DVD burner and several types of Wi-Fi networking.

Gateway also launched the entry-level priced M360. The series' street prices rang from $849 to $1,149, depending upon configuration. A basic model uses an Intel Celeron M Processor 350, 15.4-inch display, 40GB hard drive and 256MB of DDR memory. The top model doubles the memory and has a 60GB hard drive and a higher-rated processor.

Toshiba's M35X-S163 Satellite is being marketed as a high-quality, yet affordable, notebook for a first-time notebook computer buyer.

The unit features a 15.4-inch display, the Celeron M processor 360 running at 1.4MHz, 802.11b/g networking 512MB of memory, 60GB hard drive, a DVD/CD-RW drive, and an Intel Extreme graphics card. The unit weighs in at 6.8 pounds.


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