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Gateway Intros $199 Digital Camcorder

New York – Gateway will launch its first digital camcorder on Oct. 2 with a $199 street price that it believes will shake up the category and quickly gain the company market share.

The DV-S20 Pocket Multi-Cam is part of Gateway’s the latest installment in the company’s on going transformation into a CE dealer. The camcorder is a hand-sized device weighing 4.3 ounces and features a flip-out LCD and a built in 2-megapixel digital still camera. It has 64MB of internal memory and an SD card slot for additional capacity. Video resolution is 320 by 240 resolution and it has a 2.5x digital zoom.

Gateway’s Matt Milne, general manager, digital solutions, described the DV-S20 as being an average digital camcorder and digital camera on the market, but one where the company could have an impact on the industry.

‘In this case we started with a price point and built the camera to match it. There was already a price base established for digital camcorders so we went in and disrupted that set price,’ Milne said.

Gateway executives stated earlier this year that the company would not shy away from jumping into a new category with products priced much lower than the competition in order to quickly gain consumer recognition and market share.

Last month Gateway made a similar move when it entered the digital camera market with several models, including 5-megapixel models priced at $299 and $399.