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GalleyPlayer Pulls Plug On TV Buyers

Irvine, Calif. — GalleryPlayer, a provider of digital fine art and photography libraries intended for display on flat-panel TV sets, ceased operations as of July 30, according to the company’s Web site.

The company had partnerships with cable TV operators and television manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Samsung. The set makers enabled select flat-panel sets to access GalleryPlayer libraries for display as screen savers and other purposes.

On Wednesday, Mitsubishi issued a statement for disenfranchised customers saying it was “informed by GalleryPlayer that GalleryPlayer will no longer provide the service.”

“Accordingly, while owners can continue to view their own photographs on their televisions, that portion of the GalleryPlayer feature, which was designed to allow access to the GalleryPlayer online library of images, will not function as advertised,” Mitsubishi said.

Representatives of GallerPlayer could not be reached for comment; a representative of the company’s former public relations firm, Bender Helper Impact, said the company did not leave a statement or explanation with them about the decision to cease operations.

Representatives from Panasonic and Samsung did not return calls for comment as this was posted.

Mitsubishi revealed in April that certain of its premium LCD TVs would feature GalleryPlayer software. That software was designed to allow purchasers to both view their own photographs on their televisions as well as to download additional pictures from the Gallery Player Web site.

The specific Mitsubishi HDTV model numbers incorporating the feature include: LT-40148, LT-46148, LT-52148, LT-46149, LT-52149, Diamond LT-46246 and Diamond LT-52246.

“As a consequence of GalleryPlayer Inc.’s decision to cease their art and photography download service, the GalleryPlayer function may no longer operate as advertised in our 148, 149 and 246 series of Premium LCD flat-panel TVs,” said Frank DeMartin, Mitsubishi marketing VP. “Although the GalleryPlayer feature was a nice addition to our flat panel lineup for this year, we are confident that our consumers will fully enjoy the many advanced features and superior quality performance of our Ultra Thin Frame Premium flat-panel TVs.”

The USB input on the sets remains fully functional, and consumers can continue to be used to display personal photographs onscreen.

“MDEA regrets any inconvenience to its customers that may result from GalleryPlayer,” the company said.

Meanwhile, Stephen Spivak, president of GalleryPlayer competitor ScreenDreams Publishing, based in Philadelphia, said he has contacted GalleryPlayer’s former partners about offering his company’s products as a possible alternative.

“I have not contacted GalleryPlayer directly, but I have tried to contact Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Comcast. I am in discussions now with Mitsubishi and Comcast to see what I could do to take over or fill the gap, so to speak, with any content that might be similar to what they were doing with GalleryPlayer,” Spivak told TWICE.

ScreenDreams offers collections of still images, animation and screen savers for TV sets through its Web site and retail partners including Sam’s Club.