Gadgets High On Shopper's Black Friday Lists

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New York - A recent study by Retrevo indicates people may travel less this year and may use the money saved to buy electronics gadgets.

The Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping and review site, said its Gadgetology Survey found 28 percent of respondents will spend less on travel, buy 16 percent will spend more on purchasing electronics.

The report indicated a great deal of this money will go toward buying a tablet PC, most likely an iPad, with laptops, HDTVs, e-readers and MP3 players being the next favorite shopping targets.

Retrevo also asked the respondents what price points for specific products would entice a person to stand in line on Black Friday.

Everyone would turn out for a 37-inch HDTV priced at $200 or less. Sixty-four percent of Blu-ray shoppers would wait for a player costing less than $75, 39 percent if the player were below $100 and 100 percent if it the price dropped to $50.

In order to get all of those surveyed out in the cold on Black Friday morning a laptop would have to come in below $200. This drops to 66 percent when the price rises to $300 and35 percent when at $400.

Retrevo discovered that more people will be out bargain hunting this Black Friday. About 35 percent said they would visit a store, up from 30 percent last year. Even more people will be online shopping with 43 percent saying they will hop onto the web, up from 33 percent in 2009.


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