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FullHD TV Average Selling Prices Continue To Post Declines

SAN DIEGO — Consumers shopping for a new Full- HD flat panel TV this year will find a host of bargains available to them, according to recent in-store shopping surveys conducted by market research firm Gap Intelligence.

Deirdre Kennedy, Gap TV market analyst, told TWICE that the average retail prices for FullHD 1080p HDTVs have been dropping steadily over the past two years with no sign of change.

As reflected on the accompanying chart supplied by Gap to TWICE, prices have declined by at least 13 percent across all screen size ranges, with the 40- to 49-inch segment seeing the largest average selling price decline at 34 percent.

“As components become less expensive, more third-tier vendors enter production, and new technologies such as Ultra HD hit the market, prices of FullHD TVs for consumers continue to fall,” Kennedy pointed out.

Shoppers should be in for a lot of mid- and big-screen bargains in time for the holiday shopping period.

Meanwhile, the process of selling new advances in step-up technologies like Ultra HD TV that afford higher average retail tickets becomes all the more critical.

The accompanying charts show both the recent changes in average flat-panel TV prices and average prices by FullHD 1080p TV screen sizes.