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Fujifilm To Show First 6-Megapixel Camera

Elmsford, N.Y. – Fujifilm show at PMA what it is calling the first consumer 6-megapixel camera, utilizing the company’s recently announced, fourth generation ‘Super CCD’ technology.

The FinePix F700 is the company’s first to employ the Super CCD SR technology, which captures 3.1 million S-pixels and 3.1 million R-pixels. The camera will be available in the Spring at a suggested retail price of $599.95.

The F700 features a 1.8-inch LCD screen, on-demand continuous auto-focus, three color modes, manual functions, advanced movie recording capabilities, diminished shutter lag, and a 1.2 second start-up time. It will ship with a USB dock for transferring images from camera to desktop and battery recharging and a 16MB xD card.

Fujifilm will also show the 3.1-megapixel FinePix F410, the first digital camera with a Super CCD HR (High Resolution) chip. Features of the F410 include movie recording with sound, full PC-Cam/Video conferencing capabilities (with accessory dock sold separately), and a multi-language menu. The camera comes with ImageMixer VCD for FinePix 1.0 software that allows consumers to create CD albums and video CDs.

The camera ships in April for a suggested retail price of $499.99.

The brunt of the company’s PMA effort will center on driving digital printing at retail, where it hopes to supply a range of digital print fulfillment equipment to the retail chain. To that end, the company will showcase an expanded Digital Camera Developing line of retail photo-finishing products with supporting marketing materials at the show, including its proprietary Image Intelligence image-processing software technologies.

The image enhancing technologies will be incorporated in the new Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 400, Frontier 340 Digital Lab System, Pictrography 4500 and the aforementioned FinePix digital cameras.

Fujifilm’s new Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 400 is the company’s latest stand-alone digital imaging kiosk that produces prints from digital media, and joins a product line that includes the Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 1000 and 600 models. The Printpix 400 is a compact machine designed for retailers looking to enter the market of digital print fulfillment.

Fujifilm will also introduce a new digital minilab, the Frontier 340, which can process 900 prints per hour for 3R size prints and 800 prints per hour for 4R size. It sports a 13 square foot footprint and can accept multiple input sources, including film, prints, slides, negatives or digital data as well as output pictures as prints or save them to Fujicolor CDs, floppy disks and Zip disks. It can also upload photos to the Web.

Another cog in the wheel driving prints to retail, Fujifilm’s Web site has been upgraded so that consumers can now upload their digital photos and order prints to be picked up in-store at Fujifilm partner retail locations.