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FLO TV Readies Add-on For iPhone, Touch

Las Vegas – FLO TV’s mobile subscription TV service will come to iPhones and iPod touches for the first time sometime in the first half in the form of an add-on accessory made by accessory supplier mophie, Qualcomm’s FLO TV subsidiary said here at CES.
Los Angeles-based Mophie entered into an agreement to build separate add-ons for the iPhone and touch, a FLO TV spokesperson told TWICE. A device won’t be displayed at CES, she added.
Mophie’s accessories include add-on rechargeable battery packs for iPhones and touches, and the planned FLO TV accessory will take the form of an add-on battery pack that incorporates a FLO TV receiver. Tuning will be controlled via a downloadable app stored on the iPhone or touch. Pricing hasn’t been set.
Mophie’s existing iPhone/touch battery packs retail for $99 and are promoted as more than doubling the battery life of an iPhone and touch.