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FLO TV Playing In Super Bowl With 3 Ads

San Diego


has prepared a trio of Super Bowl
ads to
increase awareness of the mobile TV category and the FLO TV brand.

One spot features a
remix of The Who’s “My Generation” by Black Eyed Peas frontman
The others feature appearances by CBS Sports and Super Bowl personalities Jim
Nantz and James Brown.

The subscription-based FLO TV service delivers live mobile TV to
mobile phones, the handheld FLO TV Personal Television, and the FLO TV Auto
Entertainment in-vehicle TV system. “All three spots introduce viewers to
mobile TV and our FLO TV Personal Television, which are some of the many ways
in which FLO TV lets people take live TV with them wherever they go,” said
marketing VP Jayne Hancock.

The “My Generation” spot, dubbed
“Moments,” is set to The Who’s “My Generation,” but “puts a
new twist to the lyrics” to underscore the ways in which different generations
are affected by technology and how people consume content on the go, the
company said.

A second spot, dubbed “Injury Report,” features CBS
Sports Commentator Jim Nantz, who plays himself and offers a humorous
play-by-play of a couple on a shopping spree.

Just before kickoff, FLO TV will debut a 30-second ad featuring
CBS Sports studio host James Brown and Nantz. In the spot, dubbed “Driven
Crazy,” Brown brings peace to a family on a long trip by introducing them
to FLO TV’s Auto Entertainment service.