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Flip Video Unveils Latest FlipShare Software

San Francisco — Flip Video has unveiled the latest version of its onboard FlipShare software that gives users the ability to publish personal video channels online with Flip Channels, in addition to easy uploading to social-networking sites, and one-click private video emailing capabilities.

The new Flip Channels feature enables users to share their favorite Flip content with groups of people they designate. Once created, their personal Flip Channels can be instantly viewed online at or on any iPhone model by using the new FlipShare for iPhone application, available soon.

“Flip Video changed the way people use video by making it simple to capture and fun to share,” said Jonathan Kaplan, senior VP/general manager of the consumer business group at Cisco, which recently acquired Pure Digital Technologies, makers of Flip Video products. “Our latest FlipShare software, with the new Flip Channels feature, takes video sharing to the next level by making it incredibly easy to share video with a friend, a group or with the world.”

The company said once a user creates a Flip Channel, it can be viewed online now at or on an iPhone using the breakthrough FlipShare application for the iPhone available soon. This new application gives FlipShare users, as well as their friends and family, instant access to their favorite Flip Video content from anywhere.

The new version of FlipShare software will begin shipping as the onboard software for all Flip Video camcorders as of June 16, 2009. The software can also be downloaded for free by visiting The FlipShare for iPhone application will be available for free in the iPhone App Store.

FlipShare Software features include: preloaded software to save, organize and edit videos with ease; works on any PC or Mac; email videos and video greeting cards; ability to upload videos instantly to YouTube and MySpace; and the ability to create Flip Channels to share content privately with groups of friends or family or to access your own content on the Web, among other features.