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Flip Introduces Slide HD

NEW YORK — Recognizing the need
for a new version of its camcorder that
can be optimized for playback or stored
video files on the go, Cisco’s Flip Video
company introduced last week the Flip
Slide HD — a Flip-style camcorder with
a touchscreen monitor that slides into
a horizontal, tabletop-viewing position
for playback.

Flip executives said the company developed
the camcorder after hearing
feedback from users saying many of
them carry recordings around with them
on the camera to show friends and family
when traveling.

The 3-inch-wide touchscreen operation
provides a simple-to-use menu that
presents thumbnail images of recorded
scenes with a touch.

At the same time, the camcorder keeps
“the simplicity, fun and picture quality”
of the previous Flip Mino HD and Flip
Ultra HD camcorders, while adding the
sliding monitor panel with touchscreen
flexibility, the company said.

The Flip Slide HD is similar in size and
shape to the Flip Ultra line, but steps up
the onboard storage capacity to 16GB
(double the recording memory) for 12
hours worth of total storage time.

Also included with the Flip Slide HD
are stereo speakers, headphone jack,
HDMI jack, built-in USB connector, volume
control and FlipShare software. All
other features will remain the same as
those on the Flip Ultra HD.

The latter has been enhanced with
new Flip Channels functionality for easy
camcorder downloading of recorded

The Flip Slide HD will be available
April 13 at a $279 suggested retail. Included
are a wrist strap and a pouch.

Retailers and e-tailers will sell a silver
and white version of the Flip Slide HD,
but more personalized versions will be
available to consumers who order directly
from the Flip Web site. There, purchasers
will find a design gallery with
thousands of color and pattern options,
or users can upload and create their own

The Flip Slide HD will launch with retail
partners including Best Buy and
Best, Walmart and Walmart.
com, rolling out “to other brick-andmortar
retailers as we go,” the company

Cisco is working with Best Buy to offer
an in-store kiosk to promote the Flip
Slide HD, Mino HD and Ultra HD models.
The kiosk will include video with
separate spotlights explaining the features
of each model.