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First 7.2 Channel Autosound Bows

New York, N.Y. – Harman International is bringing its super high end Logic 7 surround sound technology to the car for the first time with a 7.2 channel system, which will be an option on new Series 7 BMW 2000 luxury sedans.

As demonstrated here on Tuesday, Logic 7 takes a two channel audio source and converts it to 7 discrete channel sounds. Rather than adding ‘effects’ to the signal (such as ‘stadium’ or ‘church’), as do most sound processors, Logic 7 reproduces sound close to the original recording, said Mathew Munn, executive VP for Harman Global business development & strategic brand marketing. He called the system, ‘the best in its class’ and ‘a new benchmark in car audio.’

The Logic 7 BMW system consists of 13 speakers, including two subwoofers, which are positioned under the rear seats, and coupled to the frame of the car. A set of tweeters are positioned in the front and the rear of the car with midrange speakers in the front and rear doors. A center channel speaker is located in the middle of the dashboard and surround speakers are on the rear deck. Also in the system is a six-disc CD changer and a 420 watt DSP amplifier (40 X 7 plus 70 X 2 watts for the subwoofers). Many of the new speakers in the Harman system use a new metal matrix cone for better rigidity and less distortion.

BMW 7 Series and Z8 manager, Thomas Jefferson said that the company was planning to bring Logic 7 to its 3 and 5 Series vehicles as well. Munn said Harman is talking with other vehicle makers and expects the system to become available in other brands. He said there were no plans to bring the technology to the aftermarket at present although he did rule out the possibility in the future.

BMW expects to deliver the Series 7 in January 2002 with pricing on the model and the Logic7 audio option to be announced.

Logic 7 was designed by Lexicon, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harman International.