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Fellowes Creates Individualized Cellphone Look

The cellphone covers made by Fellowes, called Printz, and are precut to fit several wireless phone models, such as Motorola Razr and V557 and Nokia 6101 phones.

With the skins, users are able to create their own look, print and apply at their own homes, and change designs as often as they like. The white vinyl adhesives are entirely customizable to create a one-of-a-kind look, said Fellowes. The material protects the phone from bumps and scratches, while the adhesive easily can be removed without leaving a sticky residue, allowing users to change the look of their phones as often as they like. Users just peel and press for a custom fit; no trimming is required, said Fellowes.

Printz cellphone skins come equipped with access to, an online service that enables users to design their skins on their home computer. Users can download their own photography or choose from more than 500 preset images, namely sports or beach images.

To allow further customization, the Web site has special design tools, such as color, text, paint and shapes. Once the design is finished, the skin can be printed from a home inkjet printer and applied to the phone.

Suggested retail for a currently available three-pack of blank water-resistant skins precut for a phone is $14.99.