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Evutec Rolls Out Cases In Apple Stores

City of Industry, Calif. — Evutec today announced the launch of a selection of iPhone and iPad cases selling at Apple Stores.

Exclusive versions of the company’s Karbon S, SP and Wood cases rolled out today made from various composite materials, including DuPont Kevlar, as well as natural woods such as bamboo.

The Karbon S and SP cases feature dual fused layers of DuPont Kevlar woven fibers. The Wood line pairs Kevlar with natural bamboo or ebony wood backs. The SP adds a removable shock-proof TPU liner. “The snap-on style Karbon S shells are .7mm thin, and the snap on style Wood S cases are .9mm thin.”

Various models are compatible with iPhone 5/5S, iPad and iPad Mini.

Karbon S, SP and Wood S cases are available now at Apple Stores, starting at $39.95.