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Epson Readies 1080p 3LCD Panels

Tokyo — Epson said it will ship this month development samples of its latest D5 series 1080p high-definition high-temperature polysilicon TFT liquid crystal panels for 3LCD-type front-projectors and large-screen HDTV LCD projection televisions for the home.

The company said it will begin shipping the panels in production quantities in May 2005.

Epson, which developed the new D5 series expressly for consumer markets, sought to enhance brightness, contrast and resolution by increasing the aperture ratio.

Epson developed a 0.7-inch 720p panel in the D5 series in June, and will now add a 0.9-inch 1080p version. The new panel features a 10-micron pixel pitch using high pixel density fabrication technology. This is said to offer the same 1080p resolution as earlier 1.3-inch D4 1080p models, but in a smaller-size and at lower cost to performance ratio.

Contrast on the new panels was increased 20 percent over earlier 1.3-inch, 1080p panels.

The new D5 panels were also said to offer enhanced brightness at the same lamp power and the same resolution in a smaller form factor than earlier D4 series panels.