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Epson Plays Match Maker

Long Beach, Calif. – Epson added Matsushita to the fold of digital camera manufacturers to incorporate Epson’s proprietary PRINT Image Matching technology into its forthcoming digital cameras.

The agreement, announced today, is part of an ongoing effort by Epson to encourage digital camera owners to print from home on Epson printers by ensuring the digital camera communicates image information effectively to a home printer for improved picture quality.

The technology allows the digital camera manufacturer to set image specific parameters for printing, such as gamma level, color space, contrast, sharpness, brightness, saturation, shadow, highlight, and color balance, to ensure optimum results for each specific digital camera model.

Epson has already snared manufacturers such as Olympus, Nikon, Konica, Casio, Sony and Toshiba, and itself has over 23 cameras on the market that incorporate the technology. Nikon has also announced that three of its newest introductions, the Coolpix 5000, 885 and 775, will feature the technology.

Currently, four Epson printers feature PRINT Image Matching after a free software upgrade. The Stylus Photo 780, 890 and 1280 printers require a new driver and a new version of Epson Film Factory, and the Stylus Photo 785EPX requires a new version of Film Factory to enable it to work when tethered to a computer. The 785EPX can currently only use PRINT Image Matching when connected directly to a digital camera.