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Epson Cuts Pricing On Projector Bulbs

Long Beach, Calif. – Epson revealed Monday new lower prices for K-12 education-focused projector replacement lamps.

The replacement lamps that are compatible with two dozen Epson projector models are now available for $99 or less for the company’s “Brighter Futures” customers, the company said.

Epson is hoping to use the program to ameliorate a perceived high cost for projector maintenance that has come out of recent education sector surveys.

The company said, “The new $99 or less every day price-point makes Epson the only manufacturer to offer affordable and reliable replacement lamps at an overall lower cost.” 

“As education budgets continue to diminish and schools are continually looking for ways to reduce costs, Epson is offering an ideal solution to help K-12 customers maximize projector value and maintain the lowest total cost of ownership possible,” said Sara Kim, Epson America associate product manager, K-12 education marketing. “Epson understands the need to provide educators with affordable and high-quality technology solutions to help classrooms stay ahead of the curve.”

Projector models compatible with the $99 or less bulbs include the following:

PowerLite S11, PowerLite X12, PowerLite X15, PowerLite 92, PowerLite 93, PowerLite 93+, PowerLite 95,            PowerLite 96W, PowerLite 905, PowerLite 915W, PowerLite 1835, PowerLite D6150, PowerLite 420,             PowerLite 425W,         PowerLite 430, PowerLite 435W, PowerLite 475W, BrightLink 475Wi, BrightLink 435Wi, PowerLite 480, BrightLink 480Wi, PowerLite 470, PowerLite 485W and BrightLink 485Wi.

Designed to help educators select and implement the best products for their classrooms while making the most of their budgets, Brighter Futures offers special pricing, extended Epson limited warranty coverage for three years, dedicated education account managers, and toll-free technical support for all Epson projectors and associated accessories.

The reduced-rate replacement lamps will be available in October through the Brighter Futures program.

Epson’s replacement lamps come with a standard 90-day limited warranty.