Elgato Intros EyeTV Video Capture Device

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New York - Apple peripheral specialist Elgato today introduced the EyeTV HD video-capture device.

The EyeTV is a small set-top appliance that connects an Apple computer to a TV satellite/cable/telco receiver and then captures any video being played on the television in the same manner as a DVR. The content is then stored on the computer from where it can be downloaded onto another computer, notebook, iPhone, iPad or non-Apple smartphone like a BlackBerry, said Adam Steinberg, Elgato's marketing VP.

The EyeTV carries a $199 suggested retail and will initially be carried in

Apple Stores

, distribution and directly from Elgato. It comes with a free one-year subscription to its TV guide, renewable for $19.95. It is a Mac-only product, but a Windows version is expected later this year.

The content is transferred over a home's network and is stored with no encryption or DRM so it can be moved again to another computer, portable device or burned, Steinberg said. This includes DVDs and Blu-ray content.

The EyeTV has a dual-capture mode for storing video for viewing on a portable device or an iPad. It can also stream content to these devices live. Content is recorded in the H.264 format.


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