Elan Upgrades Speaker Offerings

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Lexington, Ky. — Elan Home Systems plans April shipments of a new custom speaker line promoted as the broadest, highest-performance line it has ever offered.

The Elios line of 19 SKUs is priced at a suggested $200/pair to $1,500/pair compared to the company’s first

Elan’s Elios family includes in-ceiling models withpivoting and rotating baffles.

speaker series, the M series of 22 SKUs priced from $200 to $830/pair. The M series will remain available through most of 2009 and will be replaced by the Elios series.

Three Elios in-ceiling designs include pivoting and rotating baffles.

“Homeowners no longer consider whole-house audio simply as background music,” said Bob Farinelli, Elan president/chief technical officer. “Elios represents the best-sounding, highest-performing speaker line that Elan and our family of companies have delivered to date.” Each Elios speaker was voiced in multiple real listening

Elan’s Elios-series three-way E95C at $750 each.

environments and installations, and each model was custom engineered with larger woofer motors and magnets specifically for in-wall/in-ceiling applications, he noted. Enhancements include a new hybrid tweeter design said to combine the high frequencies, precision, speed and transient response of metal tweeters with the “smooth and silky sound” of soft-dome tweeters. An improved drywall leg-clamping system ensures a quick release time. A wider base on each clamping leg provides more surface area for a more secure fit without causing the drywall to crumble.


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