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Elan Updates Home-Control System

Petaluma, Calif. – Elan Home Systems has upgraded its g! multiroom-audio/home-control system with the addition of new features and new drivers to control more A/V components, lighting systems and surveillance cameras via IP.

The new g! 6.5 OS expands the level of user control by adding the ability to hide volume settings for certain zones, interfaces or users, the company said. Dozens of new drivers enable control of ONVIF-compliant IP cameras, Autonomics MMS-5 and MMS-5A music servers with streaming audio services, IC Realtime DVRs, SnapAV 300 Series DVRs and NVRs, iLight lighting systems, and multiple A/V receivers.

Those receivers are the Yamaha RX-A3030, 2030, 1030, 830 and 730; Denon AVR-X4000, 3000, 2000 and 1000; Marantz SR-7008, 6008 and 5008; Integra DT-R60.5, 50.5 and 40.5; Onkyo TX-NR929, 828, 727, 626 and525; and the Pioneer Elite SC-79, 77, 55, 72 and 71. All A/V receiver drivers were updated to include support for international versions.

 The upgrade also lets dealers create event map triggers for when the system’s on-screen display is activated or deactivated or when AirPlay is activated or deactivated, the company said. The enhancement helps “create an even more immersive and effortless home control experience for users,” Elan said.

 For home-control systems that include Elan Lighting by Pulseworx systems, the upgrade lets homeowners execute the same lighting scenes from a g! user interface as well as from wall-mounted keypads.

 Like before, the system features a standardized interface appearing on TVs, touchscreens, touchpads, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.