Elan Targets MDUs, Adds To IP Control Series

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Lexington, Kent. - Elan will go to next week's CEDIA Expo to mark its 20


anniversary with additional components for its g! IP-based home-management series and with speakers targeted at Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and retrofit installs.

The Elios series speakers consist of a half-depth in-ceiling speaker and a low-profile on-wall speaker. Both are the brand's first speakers designed specifically for MDUs, retrofit installs and limited-space installations.

"Both speakers are among the industry's first to address the burgeoning MDU construction market and the specific construction and installation requirements commonly found in Europe and the U.S. retrofit market," the company said. In fact, a spokesperson added, both speakers "are the first low-profile speakers with components specifically designed, engineered and optimized for MDUs from anyone as far as we know."

 The Elios ES71C 7-inch in-ceiling speaker features an all-new mount and baffle with a working depth of only 2.56 inches to fit in a quarter of the space available in normal U.S. installs, making them suitable for MDU's, European construction and U.S. retrofit installs, the company said. It comes with 7-inch woofer delivering up to 50 watts of bass output compared to 2.5- and 3-inch drivers used by competitors in the space, Elan said. The speaker also features pivoting tweeter and a low-depth steel baffle with self-contained hard-plastic back cover to prevent sound migration to rooms above.

 The Elios ES412 on-wall speaker has two 4.5-inch drivers, a wedge-shaped ABS cabinet that mounts directly to drywall, and brackets for a standard J-box and a Euro-style circular box. The speakers are shaped to fit directly against a wall, in the corners of a wall, and at the point where a ceiling and wall meet.

The speakers are available in white and black with a choice of white, black and gray grille cloth options.

 "With MDU and small-install opportunities growing across the country, our engineers went back to the drawing board to design speakers that out-performed and out-played similarly sized speakers -- and at half the depth," said Elan president Paul Starkey.

To the recently launched g! series of IP-based home-control devices, Elan is showing multiple new components that recently shipped or will soon ship. The handheld Wi-Fi/IR HR2 remote ships in October. Around Expo time, the TS7 7-inch in-wall touchscreen and two controllers -- the HC12 and HC6 -- are scheduled to ship along with a beta of the company's iPad app. The rest of the series, including additional touchscreens will ship by the end of the year.

In the g! series, IP-based control signals are sent from an in-wall touchpad, an in-wall touchscreen, a new Wi-Fi/IR remote, networked PCs, iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads to two home controllers. The controllers are the $3,000 HC12 and $1,950 HC6. Both incorporate two-way drivers to control

security, climate, lighting, entertainment, irrigation and pool/spa systems. To connect to these systems, the HC12 controller features 12 serial ports, 12 IR inputs, two RS485 ports, two Elan VIA!Net ports, six sensing inputs, four relays and two USB ports. The HC6 cuts the number of serial ports to six and relays to two.

The HC12 and HC6 controllers feature 720p component output to display a GUI on a flat-panel TV via component-video cables. The TV interface is customized for large displays but has the same look and feel as the interface appearing on the g! touchscreen, PCs and Apple devices. The controllers also manage music, photos, and stored security-camera video. That content can be stored on the HC12's embedded 250GB HDD and on an optional network-attached storage (NAS) device. The HC6 lacks hard drive but connects to NAS drives. Both components feature discrete two-zone discrete audio outputs.

 To send commands to the controllers, Elan plans post-CEDIA shipments of its first-ever handheld remote, the $760 HR2 Wi-Fi/IR handheld remote with charging dock. The 1-inch-thick 8-ounce remote features 2.4-inch OLED 320 by 240 touchscreen, 43 backlit hard buttons, and built-in accelerometer that turns the HR2 on when picked up. The touchscreen also displays metadata transmitted via Wi-Fi. The lithium-polymer battery delivers 10 hours of use and charges when the remote is in the charging base in an upright position.

Also to send commands to the controllers, Elan recently shipped the $1,700 in-wall TS7 LCD touchscreen with 7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen, touch navigation of music and movie libraries, live full-screen analog video for security cameras and TV previews, and six hard-buttons for commonly used functions. An integrated microphone and speaker enable IP-based intercom capability.

 Earlier in the year, Elan shipped a $610 TS2 Film Interactive in-wall touchpad at a suggested $610 and optional $100 VL2 tabletop kit for the TS2. The double-gang TS2 features 2-inch OLED display and controls home systems in a single zone. It also displays weather forecasts.

 Also available are new g! precision panels, which start at suggested retails of $30 to provide wire and cable trim out. They feature labeled rear-panel punch downs and front-panel jacks for all system connections. The panels eliminate misconnections and make trouble-shooting faster, the company said. The panels can be mounted in-wall or in a standard 19-inch-wide equipment rack.


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