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Elan Expanding Satellite-Radio Selection

Lexington, Ky. –

Elan Home Systems

is expanding its
selection of component custom-install tuners capable of receiving satellite-radio

The company shipped its Sirius-ready DT22 tuner, which features two
built-in RDS-equipped analog-AM/FM tuners and two ports to plug in two
deck-of-card-size Sirius-band satellite
tuners. Those tuners receive Sirius and XM programming through Sirius
satellites. The DT22 simultaneously streams two Sirius stations and two
terrestrial radio stations through installed multiroom audio systems, but two
can be linked to simultaneously stream four terrestrial stations and four
satellite channels.

The DT22 retails for a suggested $1,000, but the price rises in
January to $1,200 to make room in the line for the new $800 DT11 tuner, which
incorporates single AM/FM tuner and port to connect to the SC-H1 satellite

Both component tuners will replace the current $1,420 XM-R3,
which features three built-in XM-band tuners. Installers often mated it with
the company’s continuing $860 dual-AM/FM tuner, said marketing director Eric