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Elan Debuts Apt. Line, Adds IP Control SKUs


— Elan is coming to the CEDIA Expo on its
20th anniversary with speakers for apartment and retrofit

Elan is also bringing along additional
components for its g! IPbased
home-management series.

The Elios-series speakers consist
of a half-depth in-ceiling speaker
and a low-profile on-wall speaker.
Both are the brand’s first speakers
designed specifically for apartments,
retrofit installs and limitedspace

In fact, a spokesperson added,
both speakers “are the first low-profile
speakers with components specifically
designed, engineered and
optimized for MDUs from anyone as
far as we know.”

The Elios ES71C 7-inch in-ceiling
speaker features an all-new mount
and baffle with a working depth of
only 2.56 inches to fit in a quarter of the space available
in normal U.S. installs. It comes with a 7-inch woofer
delivering up to 50 watts of bass output, compared with
2.5- and 3-inch drivers used by competitors in the space,
Elan said.

The Elios ES412 on-wall speaker features two 4.5-
inch drivers, a wedge-shaped ABS cabinet that mounts
directly to drywall, and brackets for a standard J-box and
a Euro-style circular box. The speakers are shaped to fit
directly against a wall, in the corners of a wall, and at the
point where a ceiling and wall meet.

To the recently launched g! series of IP-based homecontrol
devices, Elan is showing multiple new components
that recently shipped or will soon ship. The handheld
Wi-Fi/IR HR2 remote ships in
October. Around Expo time, the TS7
7-inch in-wall touchscreen and two
controllers — the HC12 and HC6 —
are scheduled to ship along with a
beta of the company’s iPad app. The
rest of the series, including additional
touchscreens, will ship by the end
of the year.

In the g! series, IP-based control
signals are sent from an in-wall
touchpad, an in-wall touchscreen,
a new Wi-Fi/IR remote, networked
PCs, iPod Touches, iPhones and
iPads to two home controllers. The
controllers are the $3,000 HC12
and $1,950 HC6. Both incorporate
two-way drivers to control security,
climate, lighting, entertainment, irrigation
and pool/spa systems.

The HC12 and HC6 controllers feature 720p component
output to display a GUI on a flat-panel TV via component
video cables. The TV interface is customized for
large displays but has the same look and feel as the interface
appearing on the g! touchscreen, PCs and Apple

To send commands to the controllers, Elan plans post-
CEDIA shipments of its first-ever handheld remote, the
$760 HR2 Wi-Fi/IR handheld remote with charging dock.