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E3 Underwhelms Veteran Game Reporter


The Electronic
Entertainment Expo (E3) has
come and gone, with Nintendo,
Sony and Microsoft all making
major announcements, such as:

• Nintendo introduced Wii
U, due in 2012, which is built
around a new tablet-type controller
that allows for users to
switch game play from the TV
screen to the tablet’s 6.2-inch

• Sony Computer Entertainment America introduced
its next-generation portable entertainment system,
PlayStation Vita — and apologized for the Play-
Station Network outage.

• Microsoft introduced a new voice-activated search
system that will help Xbox 360 users instantly search
for a favorite movie or TV show by speaking out the
title’s name via the Bing search engine and the Kinect
software to glean movie listings from the Netflix, Hulu
Plus and ESPN online video services.

Yet all of this
seemed rather hohum
to regular TWICE
contributor and veteran
video game reporter
Peter Suciu. In
a blog about the show
he commented, “The
(E3) halls were just as
crowded, just as loud
and the booth babes
just as scantily
clad. On the surface
it was E3 as
usual. But there
was something different. In some ways the excitement
was gone, the cheers at the press conferences
weren’t as loud although these were more crowded
than usual.”