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Dynaudio Adds Octave Audio Products

Bensenville, Ill. — Dynaudio North America, the marketer of high-end Dynaudio consumer speakers in North America, has diversified its brand portfolio by marketing high-end tube electronics made by Germany’s Octave Audio.

Octave has been producing high-end tube electronics for over 20 years, Dynaudio said.

The North American subsidiary of Dynaudio is not new to marketing other-brand electronics. “Dynaudio briefly distributed Gryphon electronics in the U.S. circa 2001, and now we are distributing the OCOS speaker cables as well as Octave electronics,” said sales and marketing director Michael Manousselis. “There is nothing imminent as far as other brands to distribute in the future. Of course, if we found something that made sense and was synergistic with our core products, we surely would consider it,” he added.

Recently, Dynaudio began marketing OCOS-brand speaker cables in North America after parent Dynaudio licensed the cable technology and outsourced production to cable specialists in Switzerland. In North America, the brand was previously distributed by Sumiko, Manousselis noted.

The Octave lineup includes three integrated amplifiers priced between $4,900 and $10,500, two preamps at $5,500 to $11,500, a stereo amp at $8,000, a monoblock power amp at $16,000/pair, two power-supply capacitance upgrade modules and a planned stand-alone phono preamp.

The products uses tubes to deliver high sound quality, but they also use semiconductors to deliver “longevity with a level of stability, reliability and convenience of operation on par with that of the finest solid-state designs,” Dynaudio said.