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DVDO Debuts MHL-HDMI Travel Kit


Indianapolis – DVDO has added to its line of mobile
accessories with the DVDO Mobile HD travel kit, an all-in-one, portable
MHL-to-HDMI adapter and multi-charger.

The kit allows any MHL-enabled
smartphone or tablet to charge while simultaneously viewing content from the
devices on an HD projector, monitor or HDTV with an HDMI input.

DVDO Mobile HD has an integrated
20-inch USB-A connector, an 8-inch MicroUSB connector with a 46-inch span that
recoils with wrap-and-hide cable management, and a 36-inch HDMI connector.

Multiple charging options are
also available with an integrated USB-to-PC connector and a USB-to-AC charger.
In addition, DVDO Mobile HD’s support of USB allows high-speed data transfer
between devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs for content management and
device software updating, the company said.

DVDO is hosting technology
demonstrations of the DVDO Mobile HD, as well two new video-processor models,
in booth 531.