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Duracell Powermat Adds iPhone 5 Wireless Charging, Portable Power

NEW YORK — Duracell Powermat is rolling out its first line of iPhone 5 power accessories with a modular system of wireless charging and backup battery power.

The new backup SnapBattery is a removable secondary 1,950 mAh power source that more than doubles the iPhone 5’s battery life. The SnapBattery clicks in to a new protective AccessCase shell for the iPhone that enables wireless charging on any Duracell Powermat charging pad. The AccessCase and SnapBattery are available separately or bundled in a PowerSnap Kit.

Also new is the TravelMat, a portable wireless “drop and go” 1-amp charging stand with a footprint that mimics the iPhone 5’s, and adds a 4,200 mAh backup battery and a 2.1-amp USB port. It weighs less than 6 ounces. With the battery fully charged it acts as a completely wireless charging solution for the iPhone 5, or for an additional device using only the included USB cable. The TravelMat itself can be recharged via USB or wirelessly on any Powermat.

“The new design is a departure from what we done before,” said Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO. “The snap-together modular design lets people decide what their individual power needs are at any given time. For instance, unlike other backup batteries, the Duracell Powermat SnapBattery easily snaps on and off of the iPhone case for an extra 1,950 mAh when you need it and no extra bulk when you don’t.”

The design of the new iPhone 5 line was conceived by designer, entrepreneur and sustainability advocate Yves Behar and his renowned industrial design and brand development firm, Fuseproject, according to Duracell PowerMat.

The iPhone 5 line will be sold through AT&T carrier stores nationwide and on, with other leading retailers to be announced.