Duracell Enters Flash-Memory Market


Bethel, Conn. — Battery maker Duracell has entered the flash-memory card market, the company announced yesterday.

The firm, which is sourcing cards from Dane-Elec, introduced a line of SD/SDHC (1GB to 16GB), CF, MicroSD, a 15-in-one card reader and a six-in-one reader. There will be a line of Pro Photo SDHC cards in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities with a 150x speed rating.

They will also offer USB flash drives in 1GB to 8GB capacities and a bundle that includes a 1GB MicroSD card and a portable battery charger.

The company will sell cards through a number of retailers, including Walgreens, Target.com, VerizonWireless.com, Kroger and Best Buy Canada.


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