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Duracell Debuts Charging Products During CES

Duracell is introducing a variety of products during International CES at a variety of booths, including Xantrex’s booth (South 4 36041) and Goldex Limited’s booth (South 3 32071).

The Duracell Powerpack is said to provide 450 watts of household power. Its voice technology instantly gives users information on the expected runtime of devices once they’re plugged in. Its on-demand information provides battery status in order to ensure the Powerpack is charged users leave their homes, the company said.

In emergency situations, the step-by-step usage instructions walk users through what to do to jumpstart their car or use the air compressor to inflate a tire, said the company. It can reportedly power a wide range of DC products, from coolers at the beach to DC chargers for cellphones, GPS systems and handheld game consoles.

The PowerSource Mini is designed to provide pocket-sized, rechargeable power for USB-powered devices. It features a mini USB pivot arm so it can be connected directly to a BlackBerry, mobile phone, MP3 player, some Bluetooth headsets and other devices. This unit features a second USB port that allows the powering of two devices at once. A universal USB AC adapter and DC charger is included.

The Mobile Inverter 100 is said to convert 12-volt battery power from a vehicle’s DC socket into useable AC household power.

This model includes a three-prong household AC outlet, a USB charge port and a flex neck, allowing users to operate and recharge a wide range of mobile devices, the company added.

Finally, the Spark Plug from Duracell is engineered to charge and power all USB powered electronic devices from the car. It converts power from a vehicle to run USB-powered devices. To operate, users plug it into a cigarette lighter socket and the USB symbol will illuminate, signaling it is ready to charge, the company noted.

Pricing for these products was not given at press time.