Doyle To Head Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Co.


Secaucus, N.J. - James Doyle has been appointed president of the newly organized Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

The company officially begins operations on April 1, and will develop and provide customized and integrated technology-based systems solutions for enterprise customers, primarily in the sports, entertainment and education sectors.

According to Panasonic, a smaller-scale enterprise solutions group had operated within Panasonic Corporation of North America prior to this that "created intelligent, turnkey solutions for a limited range of customers." 

"For most people, the Panasonic brand is associated with large-screen flat-panel plasma and LCD TVs," said Joe Taylor, chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, in a release.  "But Panasonic also has a long track record of providing entire business solutions, ranging from digital signage to security solutions, to meet the needs of enterprises and educational institutions.  As the president of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, Jim Doyle is going to focus on growing this part of our business and extending the Panasonic presence in these industries."  


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